Virtual Insurance Services

Virtual Insurance Services

CompuCoffee is a Virtual Assistant company based in South Africa, that offer administration services to Insurance companies / brokerages.

We assist companies with the following;

Claims: we can assist in logging of claims on to your system and assist in the correspondence with your client throughout the claim.

Underwriting: We can load new policies, cancel policies, or make amendments to your system.

Excess claims: We can assist in the administration of Excess claims.

Renewal: We can assist in your renewals which can be time-consuming and frustrating.

E-mails: We can monitor your e-mails and respond to any queries that come in, from providing product info, claim forms, or general queries.

BDX Recon: We can assist you with your BDX.

STOP paying for a full-time employee and HIRE a virtual Insurance Assistant, and only PAY for the HOURS we work.

We have over 20yrs experience in the short term insurance industry working with Insurers and Brokers. We have 150 credits, RE 5 qualified, RE 1 qualified, and have done the relevant CPD Hours.