The “if” and “why” of Social Media

18 May

The business world has a skeptical outlook about social media as if it is a foreign concept. They wonder how something can make such a huge difference in human conversations, relationships, and emotions. They start asking themselves questions such as, “Why would people talk about our brands on social media? “and “How can these online interactive platforms make such a big difference in our business?

You have 2 types of businesses, those that want to ignore the power of social media in their business, or those that want to empower their business by implementing social media to assist them in their engagements, marketing strategies, and generation of leads.

People can spend up to 4 hours per day on social media, so why would you not want to have your brand being the topic of conversation on these platforms?

Most businesses do not want to use social media due to risks, but the success of using this method of marketing and interaction with consumers and potential clients is understated. If you become more present in social media, your company is 57% more likely to get increased sales leads. Companies can use this platform to showcase what they stand for and what makes it's brand different from competitors’ brands.

Social media is real; and ignoring social media only makes your company a bystander to conversations and opportunities that your business could gain.

The use of social media in your business is not a question of ‘if ‘, it’s a question of ‘when do I start’ and the answer is in order to keep with the change in times, your business needs to be active on social media platforms TODAY!

So, the next BIG question is ‘How!’

Maybe you are old fashioned and form part of the skeptical group we mentioned earlier, or maybe you are in support of social media being the new medium for interacting with clients and potential clients, and promoting your business, but unlike our millennials, you have no idea where to begin… The answer is SIMPLE….

CompuCoffee Virtual Assistants can assist by making you more present on social media, or we can set up profiles for you, we than design and post on these platforms. All you need to do is sit back and watch as you move your business into the present…

the if and why of social media

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