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COVID-19: Need help running your business under lockdown?

What if we could provide some encouragement to you by telling you that just because we are in lockdown that your business does not need to be also


CompuCoffee Virtual Assistants is a South African based Company with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that will take care of all your Remote Office Requirements.

Flexible and Affordable remote services; structured to suit businesses and individuals alike.

Why Us?

Our focus is on building long-term, collaborative relationships with our clients. Our clients choose us because we offer a team of skilled assistants in multiple service areas that is accessible all within one vendor, under one rate. As a client, you have instant, full access to a team of professional Virtual Assistants who are knowledgeable in the areas of executive administration, bookkeeping, project management, internet & social media marketing, web design & so much more!

Dedicated assistants to take care of all your needs, from the very start of your projects.

Our Experience

With over 30 years of combined experience in various fields; our team decided to alter our direction. Now, we share our passion by helping other small business owners around the world to reach their potential. Our ramp-up process is designed to empower your team.


Executive Administration

Providing high-level administrative support to executives, entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Conducting research, creating statistical reports, scheduling important meetings and preparing agendas for top management.

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Virtual Insurance Services

We are accredited and RE1 & RE5 qualified. Our expertise include, but is not limited to Claims, Underwriting, Renewals, Excess Claims, BDX Recons and more

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Personal Assistance

Streamline & manage your personal life. We provide various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands.

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Project Management

Conducting market research on your industry before working on your project. Our team Merge concept with strategy and discuss time-frame and execution; Taking your ideas, combine it with ours and come up with something spectacular keeping the end in mind.

Digital Marketing | Social Media Management

We strive to understand your specific needs in order to provide the ultimate digital solutions. Our team has the skill to design, develop and launch online marketing strategies to build your brand and deliver stellar results.

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Mobile Responsive Web Development

Hire a Professional! We create visually appealing websites that are up to date with all the new web technologies and trends. Need a basic, premium or eCommerce web design. Our websites are responsive and exciting.

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Many business owners have never thought of hiring a Virtual Assistant despite the growing popularity of this time-saving service. Some still don't even know what Virtual Assistants are and just how cost-effective they can be. Virtual Assistants are one of the most affordable contract professionals you can use for outsourcing!


A Virtual Assistant will help you save your precious hours each day. To run a successful business, quality time must be pumped into it, and trying to do everything all by yourself will burn you out. This is usually one of the main reasons why striving entrepreneurs are finding it hard to grow their business, they are treating their business as an overall one-man show.


Virtual Assistants are highly skilled with many years of high-level administrative experience. They work quickly and efficiently while requiring little or no training. An efficient assistant will take less time to produce much higher quality work than a less skilled assistant who will work for a lower hourly wage.


An hourly employee is paid whether they are working or not. During slow times or when they are sick, you still pay. A Virtual Assistant only charges for time worked. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses spend too much of their time on administrative tasks which leaves them less time to do the things they need to build their businesses. By outsourcing these tasks, you can concentrate on the tasks needed to grow your business.


Businesses who use the services of Virtual Assistants have claimed as much as a 50% increase in the productivity of their business. Many VA's are highly skilled in business procedures and can help you identify cost-effective ways to run your business. A good VA can save you valuable time by scheduling meetings, responding to emails and sales leads, planning events, and travel arrangements.

an all in one solution

At CompuCoffee Virtual Assistants we do not only believe in giving you a service; but an experience! This is exactly why we offer an all in one solution to get you started and on the GO! Hire a professional Web Designer today!

We creat websites that is exciting and responsive

Hire a professional today!


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